19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

who are we?

We are an experienced Team of Gameserver Projectleads.

Since 2013 we’re building Gaming Communities and Gameservers. In this long time, we archived much experience in our element.

Our top-tier partners

default games are to boring?

Join our Modding Community. Be part of our Community full of modders to get more from our beloved games.

you want a virtual life?

Join our Roleplay Community, to start your virtual Life in every Game with RP Potential – from ArmA 3 to GTA 5 we got you covered.

you want to be part of a gaming clan?

Apply to our Gaming Clan called TroubledOps – our official main Game is at the moment Rainbow Six: Siege

Created by and for the community

Our team grew out of a long-standing community. Through which we were able to gain a lot of experience, which we can now use for the community.